Team Klepkа is a team of enthusiasts who visit different schools to bring joy and fun to children. Our mission is to promote the development of children's imagination and entertain young players with the help of board games of the "Remember Everything" series. These games develop logic, memory and mindfulness, promote communication and cooperation.

We are very happy to be a part of this process and give children unforgettable emotions. We believe that learning through play is the most effective way to teach children new skills and knowledge.

Through our games, children learn to perceive the world around them, develop their creativity and ability to cooperate with others. They not only learn, but also have fun while feeling supported and encouraged by our team.

It is a great joy for us to see the bright eyes of children who play our games and enjoy the process of playing. We are always ready for new challenges and opportunities to develop this exciting project together with our little friends. We are very happy to cooperate with all schools and believe that together we can make education even more interesting and exciting.

Kyiv and the region:

International private Jewish school and kindergarten " Perlina "


Private educational institution "Mandarinka"


School No. 158


School Klaris Verbis


Lyceum of Ecology and Culture


Think Global





European Collegium


Lviv and the region:


Primary school "DYVOSVIT"


Secondary school No. 36


Gymnasium "Provesin"