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Board game "Remember everything! Ukraine"®

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Manufacturer KLEPKA
Dimensions 19x19x5 сm
Made in Ukraine
The duration of the game: 30 minutes
The number of players: 2-8
Age of players: 4-99
Game Type: educational, mindfulness, memory, language-independent
For whom for an adult company, for children, for a family circle, for a party, for entertainment, for studying
Complete set of the game 100 cards, box with rules

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12 month warranty

The memorial board game "Remember Everything! Ukraine"® is a cool way to finally have fun without gadgets.

Simple rules, high replayability and fast games make the process exciting and equally interesting for both adults and children. You will be able to be hooligan - give wrong tips to others, distract players, take pairs from under the nose of your opponent - this is the perfect entertainment when a large company comes to visit or you need to tear the children away from gadgets. 

Are you sick of Train Ticket and Monopoly? Then "Remember Everything! Ukraine"® is just what you need. No boring quizzes, just fun! And it's healthy, too, so you'll be able to improve your memory without any stress.

There are 100 beautiful cards with symbols and landmarks of Ukraine waiting for you to open them, recognize them, and find pairs. The winner is the one who collects the most pairs. No one manages to recognize all the cards of the game the first time, but maybe you will be the first? 

And you will see Ukraine with different eyes, we promise! Gorgeous modern architecture, delicious food, fantastic places and beautiful people - our country has a lot to be proud of! Can you find it all?


Advantages: simple rules and quick start, fun process, will be equally interesting for any adult, children and mixed company (by the way, children almost always win against adults), suitable for beginners in board games.

 Ideal for:  a home collection, to play in the family, at a party with friends, to entertain guests, to give as a birthday present, as an original souvenir of Ukraine.

All the cards are placed on the table with the yellow and blue side of the "Rivet" facing up, mixed thoroughly and laid out in 10 rows with 10 cards in each row.
Any other number of rows and number of cards in each row is allowed at your discretion. The main thing is that the cards on the table must resemble straight rows of beets in the garden....


The national flag of Ukraine. Its colors symbolize a golden wheat field under a blue sky.



The Crimean Peninsula. Unilaterally annexed by Russia in 2014. But Crimea is Ukraine.



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