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Board game "Remember everything! Arithmetic"®

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SKU: 00005
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Manufacturer KLEPKA
Dimensions 10х7х1,5
Made in Ukraine
The duration of the game: 15 minutes
The number of players: 2-4
Age of players: 5-99
Game Type: mathematical, language-independent, memory, developmental, memorial, educational
For whom for children, for families, for schools
Complete set of the game 32 cards, box, rules

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12 month warranty

Arithmetic can be fun! And it is true!
"Remember everything! Arithmetic"® is a family game with learning elements that develops memory and reveals math skills. Simple rules and a great thirst for victory are the companions of this game!  

Find the numbers and add up the numbers!  
The winner is the one who finds the most cards and makes the highest number. Players agree on the conditions of victory before the game starts.  
Different variants of the game allow you to adjust the difficulty, so it is suitable for both young mathematicians and adults 😊  

How to subtract a number to minimize the loss of winning points, or add and increase them?  
You will find all the answers in "Remember everything! Arithmetic"®.  

Have fun learning with KLEPKA!

We recommend giving the first move to the person who has already done their homework, but players can determine who goes first in other ways.

All the cards are placed on the table with the inscription " Klepka " facing up, mixed thoroughly and laid out in even rows.

Each player has the right to turn over any two cards in one turn. Depending on what is shown on these two cards, the player acts as follows:

  1. If the images on both open cards are the same, the player takes these two cards for himself and has the right to turn over any two cards on the table again.
  2. But as soon as the images on the two open cards do not match...read more
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