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Board game "Remember Everything! Football"®

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SKU: 00002
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Manufacturer KLEPKA
Dimensions 19x19x5 сm
Made in Ukraine
The duration of the game: 30 minutes
The number of players: 2-4
Age of players: 8-99
Game Type: educational, mindfulness, memory, language-independent
For whom for football fans, for an adult company, for children, for a family circle, for a party, for entertainment, for learning
Complete set of the game 100 cards, box with rules

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12 month warranty

Board game "Remember Everything! Football"® will finally unite ardent fans with those who only know that the ball is round (but that's not accurate!).  And it's still unclear who will assemble a cooler team - a fan with experience or his grandmother.

Who will Lionel Messi play for? Who is the best football coach? Would you dare to show a red card to your boss? Only the strongest team will win the World Cup! 

Football can be played not only in the stadium or playground!

88 almost collectible cards with the top players of the season and football legends, 2 yellow cards, 1 red card, VAR cards, "play the match" action, quick entry into the rules - a fun and exciting evening is guaranteed. Even those who have never been interested in football before will not stay away.


Advantages: simple rules and quick start, fun process, will be interesting for any adult, children and mixed company (even those who are not interested in soccer), suitable for beginners in board games.

Ideal for: playing with the family, at a party with friends, entertaining guests, giving as a gift to a football enthusiast, as football fan merchandise.

We recommend that the person who was the last to watch the soccer game in the stadium has the right to go first, but players can otherwise legally determine who goes first.

All the cards are placed on the table with the word "Rivet" facing up, mixed thoroughly, and laid out in 10 rows of 10 cards per row. Any other number of rows and cards in each row is allowed at your discretion.
The main thing is that the cards on the table must resemble the even rows of spectator seats in a football stadium.

Each player has the right to turn over any two cards in one turn. Depending on what is depicted on these two cards, the player acts as follows:...read more

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