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Board game "Remember everything! Words"®

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Manufacturer KLEPKA
Dimensions 19x19x5 сm
Made in Ukraine
The duration of the game: 45 minutes
The number of players: 2-4
Age of players: 12-99
Game Type: educational, for attentiveness, memory, vocabulary, Ukrainian language
For whom for an adult company, for children, for a family circle, for a party, for entertainment, for friends
Complete set of the game 112 cards, box with rules

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12 month warranty

"Remember Everything! Words"® - Ukrainian hitmaker Erudite and Scrabble. Why? Oh, we've made the word game venturesome, fun and rabidly beautiful.

Making words is no longer a boring activity, now the letters must first be fought for (or taken away from your opponents!).

Will you manage to make a word of the same color? And it's twice as expensive! Which is better - one long word or many short words? To save more letters or to get bonuses from them at once?

This is not the usual game of words from letters in Ukrainian, here you will have to develop your own tactics and strategy, get the right letters, be faster than others and a little more cunning :) Not always the master of crossword puzzles will win!

And you can also adjust the complexity of the rules yourself, but in any case the player who will collect " Slava Ukraini" will win instantly and single-handedly!

  • The average adult Ukrainian has a vocabulary of up to 40 thousand words.

2in1 - more than two games in one box! Connections mechanics Find a Pair (Memori) and Erudit (Scrabble) in Ukrainian, author's chips, bright artwork made the game in Words fashionable again. Soon the game will be available in localizations and in other languages (but not in Russian!)

Play with your family, friends and go for the win!


Advantages: simple rules and quick start, fun gambling process, will be equally interesting and useful for any adult, children and mixed company, suitable for beginners in board games, in Ukrainian language

Ideal for: to play in the family, at a party with friends, to entertain guests, to give as a gift on a birthday or holiday

All cards are placed on the table with " Klepka" facing up, mixed thoroughly, and laid out face down in even rows.

Each player's turn consists of two actions:

  1. The first action of the turn is the right to compose from their already collected cards any words that exist in the Ukrainian language. Each compiled word the player writes down on the sheet with the sum of points of used letters and this word. The player's cards that were used to make words are discarded and are not used anymore. When a player can no longer make words from his cards or has no cards at all (as at the beginning of the game), he moves to the second action of his turn.
  2. The second action of a turn is the right...read more
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