Erudite or Scrabble? "Remember Everything! Words!®

There are many board games with words, but two that can be compared to each other are Erudite and Scrabble. These games aimed at developing vocabulary skills and evoking logical thinking.  

A little about the essence of the game: 
Before the game begins, all players "blindly" take 7 chips from the bags on which are depicted different letters and their value.  
And alternately carry out their turn in which you can: make words from the letters and get victory points for them or exchange any number of chips from his hand for new ones from the bag, or pass (regardless of whether the word was laid out).  
The game ends in two cases:  
- when any player has run out of chips in the supply and in the common bag;  
- when all the players consecutively pass twice.  
The one who gets the most victory points wins.

What is the difference between them? 

Word availability: the difference lies in what words can be used during the game. Each of the games has its own vocabulary that specifies which words can be used.
Some interesting facts:

  • Scrabble is "older" than Erudite by 10 years. Both games were created in the 40s. 
  • The British version of Erudite has about 276 thousand valid words, while Scrabble has about 187 thousand.

Scrabble and Erudite are quite popular. However, along with this, they have several disadvantages that can diminish the enjoyment of the game. 

The most obvious disadvantage of these games is the slow pace.
Players can spend a lot of time placing letters on the board and forming words. The lack of dynamics makes the game quite boring and monotonous for players, especially for those who like faster and more dynamic entertainment. 

Also, in Scrabble and Erudite there is no element of risk, which creates tension and increases the fascination of players.  
The essence of the game is to make words out of letters, this may not be important for those looking for a more rousing experience and sense of excitement.

So Scrabble and Erudite have their positives, but they may not be interesting for those who like more dynamic games. 
If you are looking for games that are more dynamic and epic, then the board game " Remember Everything! Words"® deserves your attention! 

"Remember Everything! Words"® is a Ukrainian board game that offers dynamic gameplay and includes elements of excitement and moderate competition. This game arouses players' interest due to its fascinating mechanics and the opportunity to demonstrate their language skills and cleverness.

The main essence of the game " Remember All! Words"® is to find the right letters according to the memorial principle, develop a strategy and successfully compose Ukrainian words from them.  
What will bring you more points - accumulate letters or make words as you play? What is better - many short words of the same color or one long one? What will bring victory - following the playing field or focusing on the letters?

Interaction between players thanks to special cards creates a dynamic atmosphere where every second counts. 
One of the main elements of the game is excitement. Players feel the constant need to make decisions and fight for the best results. They are forced to use their wits and vocabulary to find as many letters as possible and score more points for them. This element of excitement stimulates tension and the desire to play again and again, trying to improve their scores and beat their opponents.  

Players compete against each other, but at the same time don't mind helping out, with word building. They can watch each other's achievements and learn from other players, which enhances the game and communication skills. 
This game creates a fun and enjoyable experience that comes from a combination of memory pumping, speed of thought, and strategic thinking.

We wish you driving games and victories!

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- Your friend "Klepka"