Everyone knows that board games can be a fun activity for everyone. But let's remember that each of us has his own style in the game. Someone carefully prepares before the first game, and someone else "we'll figure it out as the game goes on". 
Among board gamers you can find different types of players. In this blog, we will look at the most common ones: 
Types of players in board games

The Perfectionist 

This player takes on the role of the guardian of order. Always keeps the rules near him to be 100% sure that the game is running correctly.
Especially when he starts getting beat 😁 
He always tries to achieve the best possible result. Carefully analyzes every move he makes, and does everything he can to win.
Sometimes he can be perceived as too serious, but really he just likes to play at a high level. 


A strategist is a player who understands the game perfectly and knows how to plan his moves in advance. He not only looks at the current situation, but also anticipates what might happen in the future. A strategist is always prepared for every possible scenario.  
Sometimes it may seem that he already knows the outcome of the game even at the set-up stage 🤯.



This player is not really interested in the outcome of the game. He just loves the emotions that arise during the game. The Adventurer can make unusual moves to make the game more interesting or difficult. He likes to make a mess of the game to make it fun even if it doesn't help him win. For example: pretending to be a saboteur while being a regular dwarf, or deliberately breaking other players' strategies. He doesn't always win, but he always enjoys the process, 
unlike other players who have to rethink their moves after the Adventurer's illogical actions 😂


This is the player who is always ready to tell you about his latest adventures and share news. He loves to joke and socialize even if the game is not going well. This player perfectly understands that the game is not only about winning, but also about communication and friendship. If you happen to forget the rules of the game, he's always willing to help you figure out what you're doing wrong. And if you can't decide what to do next, he's sure to offer some interesting options. 

Snail Player 

We all need time to think about our next move. But this type of player takes it very responsibly. When the turn goes to this player, everyone else has time to have a cup of tea, decide what their next action will be, have a snack and socialize with other players, as the Snail will think long and hard about his move so as not to miss anything or make a mistake.  
They say someone is still waiting for their move 😴.



Immerses himself in the game as if he were living his whole life. Plays the role of his character and tells his story. Creates a thematic atmosphere, and tries to immerse other players in the "life" of the game. Comments on all his actions in an artistic style. For a moment, it may seem like you are playing different games. 
* turns over the cards in "Remember Everything! Ukraine"® and says: "Carpathians ... I can smell the fresh odor of pine needles, despite the loud singing of birds I can hear the barely perceptible noise of a waterfall"


This player keeps a close eye on the game to make sure everything is clearly according to the rules🤓  
He really hates to lose and will do everything in his power to win. At any cost, even if it's at the cost of friendship 😅  
Sometimes he doesn't mind cheating himself.


May your games be always interesting and you find your own unique style of play! 

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Sincerely, your friendly board game helper Klepka